One of the most recognised, yet neglected truth about human existence is found in the book penned by one of the wisest kings in human history. This truth is simply that, “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

This implies that you cannot ascribe the responsibility for your present position and disposition in life to anyone else. The man in the mirror is fully accountable for the fulfilment of the gift of that life.

Your personal coach, religious teacher, parents, teachers, the government, your boss, your ex-spouse, friends or any other candidate you may consider, cannot be held responsible for your life… Only you can!

There is a story of two young boys who caught a little bird and decided to test the wisdom of the wisest sage in their community. They determined that when they got to him, one would keep the bird behind his back as they asked… “Is the bird alive or dead?” If the sage said “alive”, the bird would immediately be crushed behind the boy’s back, and revealed to the sage as dead but if he said “dead,” the boy would open his hands and let the bird fly away, thus disproving the wisdom of the sage.

The boys got to the sage and asked the question as planned. The wise old man smiled gently and responded, “Whether the bird lives or dies is up to you. Its life is in your hands.”

And that response captures the essence of the responsibility that rests upon you as a resident of this planet called earth. I am fully persuaded that you were created to soar gloriously in the realms of fulfilled potential, to live a life filled with wonderful possibilities.

How then will you fulfil this great responsibility of life entrusted to you?


A study of the titans of human achievement down throughout the ages always reveals the truth that although they had personal weaknesses, their success is a reflection of their unceasing quest for self-mastery i.e. successfully managing their own mind. They cultivated a sense of personal mission, self-worth and self-esteem that transcended the opinions of others and empowered them to unleash their unique potential to the betterment of humanity.

Choose each day to release your mind from the failures of your past or your present shortcomings. Let your mind be daily engaged in the pursuit of that purpose which our maker has uniquely deposited within you and as you do so, always remember that no one and nothing outside of you can stop the fulfilment of your destiny.


Our world has a plethora of problems in dire need of solutions and you are uniquely wired to solve a problem that our world is facing. Whether it is in your workplace, community or nation, the secret to success is in the productivity deployed to solve problems.

Harness the creativity of your mind and the range of unique skills you possess and use them in practical endeavours that bring you fulfilment and add value to your arena of vocation. You thereby enhance your life and make a difference to the world of others.

Always remember my friend that the profound power and responsibility for failure or success lies squarely in your hands. It is up to you what you do with that responsibility.

Keep Soaring!

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