The SPRING Framework is a simple and very effective model I developed over the years as I worked with a variety of clients (indidviduals and corporate) to solve the different challenges they were facing.

The model  assists you in identifying the critical success factors required to turn around a failing situation in business or other personal endeavours or to accelerate the results of a healthy enterprise to the next level of success.

As en example, let us apply the SPRING Framework to your business enterprise. The framework covers 6 areas crucial to your success as follows:

Strategic Clarity:

Developing a clear sense of ‘why’ you are in your business (Your Purpose, Vision and Mission)  and ‘what’ you intend to accomplish over a defined period (Your Goals).

This clarity embraces an understanding of your core strength, your business environment and the major trends or critical factors affecting the environment). Strategic Clarity falls within the domain of leadership at all levels of the organisation.

Everyone needs to be clear about the destination and the direction of travel so that there is synergy of action towards achieving the desired objectives of the business.

Process Design:

Here, you design a projected pathway from your current position to the desired destination. It is where you develop a plan of action which maps out your step-by-step set of activities that you intend to take towards the achievement of your next milestone.

Resource Management:

Business is a matter of acquiring resources and utilising them effectively to generate outputs and outcomes that meet or exceed the expectations established in the strategic clarity phase.

How do you intend to acquire, harness and deploy your resources for maximal impact?


How do you or your business respond to the dynamic environment of accelerating change in the 21st Century? You have to cultivate a healthy disposition towards innovation. In this part of the framework, we explore simple ways to foster a culture of innovation within your organisation.


As a business, you are surrounded by a network of stakeholders, often with competing interests. Success comes from being able to balance the interests and leverage the power of the network to achieve your business objectives.

Goal Oriented Action:

Effective execution of well thought out plans lays the foundation for business success. Massive action in pursuit of your goals makes a huge difference to whether they will be achieved. Include a feedback mechanism that enables you to evaluate your results, tweak your processes and re-position for success.

Using the SPRING Framework, you maximise your potential for success in your business… and as mentioned earlier, it is a framework that you can use to achieve exceptional quality results in self-coaching yourself and your team to superlative personal success.

Keep Soaring!




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