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Yemi Akinsiwaju Leadership Jigsaw

The Leadership Jigsaw

In The Leadership Jigsaw, Yemi Akinsiwaju shows that when you discover your own true leadership essence and cultivate it passionately, you multiply your personal effectiveness and expand your capacity to produce positive change.

He identifies those essential pieces of the leadership puzzle that are common to the people who have transformed their different arenas of life. The Leadership Jigsaw takes a fresh approach to key leadership concepts such as…

Yemi Akinsiwaju Leadership Jigsaw

Scorecard: Achieving Success and Balance

The desire to achieve something significant with our lives is a latent bell that tolls silently in the heart of every human. Once in a while, the sound peals out of the depths of the soul and resounds loudly for its owner to hear it.

Scorecard is written for those whose bells of destiny are ringing so loudly they can no longer be ignored and who desire to do something about it.  It is a unique synthesis of the core principles of personal development, spiritual wisdom and business success…

Thrive Vol 1 - Book by Yemi Akinsiwaju


The first volume of the Thrive! series offers a compendium of life enriching insights that empower you to flourish in different areas of life.

The insights provide innovative contemporary applications of the ancient wisdom of the Bible that are guaranteed to challenge your thinking, inspire you and propel you into the zone of more effective living.

7 Big Mistakes Leaders Make by Yemi Akinsiwaju

7 Big Mistakes Leaders Make (e-Book)

In this short eBook on 7 Big Mistakes leaders unwittingly make, I provide insight into 7 key attitudes that a leader or aspiring leader who is serious about maintaining sustainable leadership influence needs to be aware of and make every effort to avoid in your leadership encounters. 

Learn what these mistakes are, overcome them and flourish as a leader.

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