Hi, I’m Yemi Akinsiwaju. Over many years, I have shared extensively with thousands of people on the subject of leadership development, personal transformation, and effective organisational management and have come to be known as the Leadership Catalyst.

I serve on the senior management team of a leading UK charity as well as being on the Board of a number of organisations including Young Emerging Leaders (YEL), a Youth Leadership and mentoring organisation and the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA), an organisation devoted to training and developing leaders and aspiring leaders in over forty nations.

As an international speaker, business consultant and author, my focus is on the crucial issues of leadership, personal transformation, organisational effectiveness, social and spiritual development.

I am the author of a number of highly acclaimed books including:

I have had the privilege of addressing audiences from over 50 nations as a conference speaker, seminar facilitator, mentor, trainer, coach and in television and radio appearances.

Yemi Akinsiwaju (Leadership Catalyst) Client Cancer Research UK
Yemi Akinsiwaju (Leadership Catalyst) book leadership jigsaw recommended on CBS website.
Yemi Akinsiwaju (Leadership Catalyst) served Munroe Global as Director of UK / European Operations.
Yemi Akinsiwaju (Leadership Catalyst) appeared on BBC Radio Kent.
Yemi Akinsiwaju (Leadership Catalyst) book The Leadership Jigsaw recommended on the NBC Website.
Yemi Akinsiwaju (Leadership Catalyst) Client Barking & Dagenham Council in London.



Our passion is to work collaboratively with you to discover your unique leadership capabilities, harness and refine those capabilities and then deploy them maximally in the pursuit of your vision a way that is personally fulfilling to you, unleashes your potential for the benefit of your constituents, and inspires those you are called to serve.

Leadership development

Leadership development is the heartbeat of what I and my team do. We recognise that leadership is the crucial wheel that turns the ship of personal, business, community or national transformation in the right direction, which positively serves the constituents. Along with my team, we are dedicated to building character-centred, pricipled, effective leaders at all levels of society. We hope we can serve you in your journey. We provide workshops, seminars, access to resources, coaching and mentoring to help accelerate your leadership growth and success.


In this age of accelerating change, competition and complexity, the necessity of effective strategies for quantum business productivity that delivers value to your stakeholders, brings personal fulfilment for you and your team and contributes positively to the wider community is much greater. We help equip you with the tools to fulfill these aspirations for your business.


Yemi Akinsiwaju (Leadership Catalyst) book on 7 Big Mistakes Leaders make. A great easy read leadership resource.


Charisa Munroe-Wilborn, Vice President – Munroe Global Inc

Not only is Yemi a true leader himself but he does indeed believe in the true leadership essence of others. Selflessly he has poured himself out into the lives others to empower them to reach their next level of success in life.

It has been his objective to help others discover and produce their leadership abilities and offer practical strategies to apply to a successful and fulfilling end.

I myself have had the privilege and pleasure of gleaning from Yemi personally and from his teachings and trainings on leadership. I have been inspired to be more confident in my leadership potential.

If you are seeking out a meaningful and impactful leadership training program, I highly support and recommend Yemi Akinsiwaju. Follow his lead and you will see a change once you do your part and put in the work.

Bob Miles, Fmr Finance Director, Cancer Research UK

Yemi worked with the finance department of Cancer Research UK as a project Consultant and Interim Manager.

He pro-actively identified issues and weaknesses, applied his experience and problem solving skills to designing solutions and explored with team, stakeholders and others feasible implementation.

Yemi contributed to a workstream being undertaken by the finance department’s management team to enhance our leadership and management processes.

He brought experience, thoughtfulness, a positive attitude and good humour to that process.

Deborah Torres Patel, Asia’s leading voice and presentation coach

Yemi is a passionate and energetic trainer. He leads from the heart and inspires others to believe in themselves and take outrageous action to produce breakthrough results. He is a team player and a joy to work with.

Joe Chesterton, Fmr Head of Finance and Resources, Barking and Dagenham LB Council

Yemi’s contributions were very significant in my efforts to strengthen the management team’s focus on strategic management issues and establishing a more robust performance management framework.

This in turn has had a very positive impact on the organisational culture and positioned the department to deliver significant improvement in the quality and value for money of the services offered to our clients.

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7 Big Mistakes Leaders Make by Yemi Akinsiwaju

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